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Happy October from Brooklyn!

Greetings from Brooklyn!

This is Vince Anderson, the associate pastor at Revolution Church NYC. Jay thought that I should talk to you all this month and let you know what's happening.

It's been a busy fall at Revolution. We want to thank all the people that participated in the "7 Straight Nights" events. Both the film and the soapbox forum were positive gatherings. The week allowed us to meet some members of our extended community and share in God's call to love. Special thanks to Chris Ammons and Ben Doray for their dutiful work organizing the events. 

 This fall you might have noticed that we have made a concerted effort to improve our web presence and outreach to the online community. We are now on all the social networking sites; myspace, facebook, twitter, etc. Also, we have started a video question and answer series. It will feature both Jay and myself, and will be up on youtube.com for everybody to see. Click here to see the first installment- and we welcome your questions! Send them to hello@revolutionnyc.com.

For those of you in the New York area we are starting a bi-weekly bible study. If you are interested and haven't already signed up at services, please shoot me an email at vince@revolutionnyc.com and I'll make sure you are get the news regarding the study.

We want to thank you for all the emails we have received recently. These words of encouragement really
keep us going! We received one email in which the writer said that he and his wife listen to the podcasts while driving around on Sunday morning. They playfully refer to those outings as "Car Church". It brings a smile to my face, knowing the creative ways that God is using this ministry.

As always, our financial status is not very stable. We are looking to expand our mission and hope to do more outreach work to the community. Right now we are just barely meeting the bills. We understand that we are living in tough financial times, but any tithe you can give will make a difference.

On a personal note, some of you might
know that I am also a musician. My band was recently featured as the "Song of the Day" on NPR. You can listen to the song and read the article here.  Hope you enjoy!

In Grace,
Vince Anderson
 Revolution Church
 190 Bedford Ave.
 Suite 211
 Brooklyn, NY 11211
 e-mail: hello@RevolutionNYC.com
 phone: 704 / 684 / 0777

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